Walt Pregler

Way Out with Walt – 11/29/15

By Walt Pregler, County Chair

The opinions expressed here are mine and not of the Party’s.

The old adage, “When given lemons, make lemonade” fits Hillary Clinton very well after the 11 hour grilling by the House special Benghazi Committee.

It certainly displayed what Hillary is made of, and made liars of many politicians.

I am inclined to request Attorney General Loretta Lynch to open an investigation into whether it was criminal to use the power of Congress to denigrate an opposing candidate.

We must take into account, that, those diplomats who died in that terrorist attack were civil servants who were abundantly aware of the risks of functioning in an unfriendly nation.

Hillary was Secretary of State, not Defense. Her concerns were deliberated by national security personnel, and thought to be secure. I am sure that the ambassador and his staff were aware of this. Let alone no evidence has been forwarded to prove that they were concerned about the size of the security provided.

If that is the case, then President George W. Bush should be held personally responsible for 9/11.

The Benghazi Committee overshadows Watergate and the Nixon hijinks, as well as the 45 U.S. Senators who tried to harpoon Secretary Kerry’s negotiations with Iran, by sending a letter to the President of Iran. By the way both Senator Grassley and Senator Ernst signed that letter.

Hillary Clinton is very well qualified to be President. She has stood up to those pundits who tried to defame her for her law practice in Arkansas, to those who fought her on national health care in 1994, and to those who criticized her as a U.S. Senator and Secretary of State. If Hillary had a cold and showed up for an interview carrying a box of Puffs, the G.O.P. would yell that she should be using Kleenex.

Let’s elect a president who will take us forward, and give that person a Congress who will work with him or her.