Legislative Democrats – 87th General Assembly

Republican lawmakers ignored the concerns of Iowans this session and broke their promise to create jobs and raise family incomes. While rewarding the special interests and out-of-state corporations, the GOP stacked the deck against everyday Iowans who are working hard but still not getting ahead. Democrats will keep listening to Iowans, hold Republican politicians accountable, and fight to build an economy that works
for all Iowa families.


GOP BroKEn PRomises; Iowa Headed in wrong direction

  • Instead of listening and working to improve life for everyday Iowans, Republicans stacked the deck against them.
  • Instead of raising family incomes like they promised, Republicans lowered wages for 65,000 Iowans.
  • Instead of making sure every kid gets a great education, they shortchanged public schools again this year with the third lowest increase in history then blamed teachers for the state’s budget problems.
  • Instead of keeping health care affordable, Republicans cut a woman’s access to health care for cancer screenings, STD test, and birth control. They also passed a 20 week abortion ban without exceptions for rape, incest, or even health of the mother.
  • Instead of keeping higher education and job training affordable to build our skilled workforce, Republicans raised tuition on students attending our state universities and community colleges.
  • Instead of working together with dedicated public servants like firefighters, police officers, and teachers, Republicans took away their rights and their voice in the workplace.
  • Instead of making it easier for Iowans to vote, Republicans created more hurdles and less time for Iowans to cast their vote.

Iowans pay for the gop budget mess

  • Republicans have wrecked the state budget, slowed the state’s economy, and turned a $930 million state budget surplus into a $130 million deficit. The deficit is largely driven by $500 million in corporate tax giveaways that overwhelmingly go to out of state corporations.
  • Now, Iowans are being forced to pay for the GOP’s budget mess. Students will be paying higher tuition. Fewer at-risk kids will be able to attend preschool. Victims of domestic violence may not get the support they need. Iowans will be paying higher property taxes.
  • Democrats believe we need to restore fiscal discipline and embrace economics that make sense for the average Iowa family. We should put people and a skilled workforce before corporate tax breaks.

Download a copy of the 2017 End of Legislative Session.