About Us

Motto: Working to elect Democrats from the Courthouse to the White House.

Mission Statement: Welcome to the Dubuque County Democratic Party website. It is our goal to strengthen our community by connecting people to the political process, developing community leaders and electing officials who listen, respond and represent the needs of the community. This is the place to learn more about how the Democratic Party can make a difference in Dubuque County, in the State of Iowa and in the Nation. All of us, working together, can help our government do its best. Join us in electing Democrats to office at the local, state and national level.


Current Officers

Elected at Biennial Organization Meeting & Caucus (2019 to 2021 term)
Steve Drahozal, Chair
Todd Lange, 1st Vice Chair
Mary Loney Bichell, 2nd Vice Chair
Suellen Flynn, Secretary
Jeff Cue, Treasurer


Past Party Chair

The past chair is an automatic member of the Executive Board.
Walt Pregler, Chair from 2012-2017


Affirmative Action

(Elected at County Convention for 2018-2020 term)
Indigo Channing, Affirmative Action Chair


Standing Committees

Selected by Party Chair with consent of Central Committee.
Chairs for the 2019-2021 term will updated soon.
Lizz Tyler, Candidates & Campaigns Co-Chair
Allison Drahozal & Sue Dravis, Finance Co-Chairs
Morgan Muenster & Sue Wilson, Information Co-Chairs
George Holland, Permanent Organization
Kate Parks, Publicity/Communication
Danny Sprank, Research
Carrie O’Connor, Volunteer
Josie Mitz, Youth Outreach