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Important Note

If you want to be a delegate or an alternate but were not able to make it to the caucus and did not have someone nominate you, there is still time. We will be accepting nominations for delegates and alternates on or before Tuesday February 13, 2018. If you have not contacted us before the time of the Central Committee meeting on Tuesday (which starts at 7:00 PM) you may come to the meeting (even if you are not a Central Committee member) and be nominated or have someone nominate you.

Some precincts are full, so you may end up as an alternate and there is no guarantee you will represent your precinct, but you may still end up as a delegate. As of Sunday February 11, counting delegates and alternates we have not filled our 250 seats.

Again, you may be nominated to become a delegate or alternate on or before February 13, 2018.

Steve Drahozal, Chair

Dubuque County Democratic Convention


Committee descriptions, meeting dates, and more details about the County Convention are posted on the 2018 County Convention page.

Information for Candidates

Candidates wishing to speak to the Central Committee should e-mail chair@dbqdemocrats.org at least one week prior to the Central Committee meeting date to request to be added to the agenda. Central Committee meetings are scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month, starting at 7:00 PM. Requests to speak that are received less than one week prior to the Central Committee meeting cannot be guaranteed.